The faces behind Smarterpix

Ok, we admit this photo is 15 years old and we have not become more attractive. But wiser, and so has our vision...

Our vision within an ever-changing market

in-image advertising for publishers

Our vision

For more than 15 years now we have experience in working with visual content with our own stockphoto agency PantherMedia. Despite the low prices for royalty-free images, there are target groups and business models that we do not reach with paid images. The alternative is free image platforms. In addition to the limited number of free images, there is one big obstacle to overcome: the biggest disadvantage of these platforms is the lack of legal review of the images. The (mostly offered) Creative Commons license is not sufficient for this purpose, as it only regulates the rights of of use as granted by the photographers. Not approved and not included in the license, however, are the image contents such as logos, protected property such as buildings and animals and especially the personal rights of the people in the images. As a professional stockphoto agency it is our ultimate goal to keep our customers risk-free and to offer them the broadest image library for their projects. This is what we want to achieve with Smarterpix also!

This legal review and service is, of course, expensive. Besides, it is just as important to care about the photographers. If you do not earn anything in the long run, you will not be able to provide anything free of charge. And you also want to use the latest, high-quality imagery in the future, right?

Our business practice is based on fairness, creativity, innovation and adaptability.  It is our firm believe that longterm partnerships are based on trust and success if they shall become successful. In this respect, we share the advertising revenue between all parties that are involved:

  • With you as a picture user for the traffic
  • With the photographer as the legal author of the image
  • With Smarterpix for the legal review and operation of the infrastructure and the photographer community

With Smarterpix you win multiple times: legal security, image selection and advertising revenue! See how it works!