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If selling images is your plan and you want to earn money, we have good news for you. When you work with us, you not only decide to market your images on the free photo platform Smarterpix, but also via our stockphoto agency PantherMedia. Become part of the PantherMedia family and you will benefit in many ways:

  • Fair terms: You will receive between 30% and 50% share of the sales of your images via PantherMedia. Learn more about our commissions.
  • Fair prices: However we earn money for your licences, advertising, licence sales or subscription fees, your will receive a fair share on the revenue. Even with free images you will earn success-based licence fees. More information on our pricing model.
  • International sales: Once you have uploaded your images they are also published within our international sales network. More than 90 international partner agencies in over 42 countries are already part of the successful network selling PantherMedia images.
  • Flexible licensing: On our platforms, we offer our partners and customers additional extended or rights-managed licenses against a higher fee, e.g. for resale products, for prints on canvas, posters, and much more.
  • Dedicated account for press photographers: For press photographers we offer a dedicated account with a range of benefits and personal support through our team. Please apply for this account type here.
  • Professional customer service: We offer our customers a personal customer service and are available to answer their questions. Our in-house sales representatives actively focus on direct marketing.
  • Qualified photographer service: We are happy to inform you about everything you need to know regarding the legal environment. We will check the images before they are accepted to make ensure that your images are legal and we will notify you if they pose any legal problems. Our team of editors is trained, experienced and takes part in frequent educational courses with our attorney. (Note: Unfortunately, we cannot provide legally binding advice, nor can we assume any liability for this advice.)
  • Easy upload: Upload your images easily to PantherMedia using HTML or FTP (including IPTC analysis).

With only one main account at PantherMedia, you have access to worldwide platforms and sales network with numerous earning opportunities. Become part of the PantherMedia community now!