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Earn money with free images

Free images - and even earn money with them?

Why should one receive money for the use of free images instead of paying for them? The reason sounds paradoxical: Because photographers and agencies put a lot of work and love in the images. Unlike free image platforms, we legally review all images – to protect you. And we pay the photographers to motivate them producing good images. And that is exactly why money must be earned. And who pays the bill? Correct, the advertising industry! And they even like that because the photographer, Smarterpix and you, the publisher, offer something the advertising industry needs and no advertising service offers out of the box: context, good content and accurate targeting. That’s why we founded the Adpressi advertising platform. Take a look at what we can do with the photos.

It is time for a new, legally safe stockphoto concept – Smarterpix!

Fashion Ad Widget

NEW: Dynamic ad widgets

With our AI technology, we can offer relevant online-shop products, similar images or similar stories to the context of photos, videos and text. This allows for the presentation of transactional advertising matching the visitor’s real-time interest.

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Three steps to success

In just a few steps you can earn money with the free images. And it is easy as one-two-three. All you need is a free Smarterpix account.

Choose your desired image out of more than 7 million images. Click on the “Use image” button and copy the code. Here you can also set the size of the image you need for your website. Paste the code into the site where you want the the image to appear and save or publish the page. Done!

After we have checked your account you will receive an invitation from us for the advertising service. Your website needs to be suitable for advertising and we need to guarantee for our advertisers the best content for their ads. Sites with illegal, violent or defamatory content and the like, we reject immediately. After the successful registration, you must prepare your website for the advertising service. In the welcome email we show you how easy it is. Simply integrate a code snippet on your pages, insert a line in the ads.txt and off you go. This only needs to be done once. In addition to marketing the advertising space on the images, you can also integrate banners, videos and other advertising elements on your website. Simply create a banner (for example 728 x 90 pixels) and integrate it on all pages where it should be displayed. Now you earn money with every page view.

Once your earnings reach the 30 € level, you can apply for the monthly payout. The amount will be transferred to the account of your choice. The entire advertising revenue is shared among all participants in the value chain: the photographer, you, Smarterpix. However, most of revenue stays with you, between 50% and 85%, depending on the number of images used and the amount of traffic on your page. For details please contact our team.

Benefits of in-image advertising

Incremental revenue

The images on your website represent existing, but unused premium advertising space. Advertising in images, text or the screen adds incremental revenue.


Customers engange with In-media ads. CTRs of more than 1% are standard. Elements such as forms and buy buttons can even add interactive functionality to your website.


The ads are contextually relevant to your website and are discreetly integrated into the content. In-media advertising does not interrupt the user’s journey.


You are in control of your website. You decide if we are to display ads programmatically, display our own ads from our premium advertisers or if we should work with your existing partners.


Thanks to our visual and semantic analysis, we know and understand the real-time interest of the visitor. The resulting genuinely relevant advertising is not perceived as a disturbing factor.

Mobile optimized

In-media ads work cross-platform on all devices. They work especially well on all mobile devices with attractive CPMs/CPCs. Start your mobile advertising campaign now!

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