Frequently Asked Questions

Why can not I download the photos?

The business model is based on showing ads related to the photo and paying the photographer. In this respect, it is necessary to get access to the advertising space in the photo by inserting a code snippet. In this respect, we “stream” the photos together with the advertising in your page.

Is it possible to download the images?

Yes, there are two options.
1. You can license and download the image from the stockphoto agency PantherMedia. However, there is a (small) license fee for this. By integrating a generic snippet of code on all or selected pages, we can still place ads across the images and earn money for you. Thus, you can also earn back the license fee and you can use the downloaded image in other media, including print. Please contact the PantherMedia team for Smarterpix special offers.
2. If you have more than 5 million ad impressions per month, we can offer you our download feature. However, it is important that you always include the generic code snippet on the website where you display the image, so we can display ads within the images. Please contact our Adpressi team if you choose this option.

How can I adjust the size of an image?

You can alter the code snippet by changing the percentage of the image size in the snippet (width = 100% by default) or using an exact pixel definition (width or height).

Example for scaling to the full width of a website (=100%):

<img src=”https://static.smarterpix.com/media/0005000000/0005027000/5027171_1400.jpg” style=”width: 100%; max-width: 100%;” class=”ap-img-advert”><script type=”text/javascript” src=”//static.smarterpix.com/modules/loader.js?pubId=>>yourid<<” async></script>

Example for scaling to a fixed width in pixels (=450px in this example):

<img src=”https://static.smarterpix.com/media/0005000000/0005027000/5027171_1400.jpg” style=”width: 450px; max-width: 100%;” class=”ap-img-advert”><script type=”text/javascript” src=”//static.smarterpix.com/modules/loader.js?pubId=>>yourid<<” async></script>

My app should work without an internet connection. How can I use Smarterpix images?

In that case you will need to download the images. In “General questions” you can find out how to download the images.

What means “legally reviewed” images?

Every image on Smarterpix has been reviewed by an educated image editor. In addition to the copyright of the photographer, there are other rights that need to be checked legally. While other free image platforms only take care about the rights of the photographers (Creative Commons License), we go a step further and also ensure that the image content is legally safe. For example, in our images you will not see any items such as laptops, clothing or accessories with recognizable logos. In addition, all the people in an image have given a written consent (model release) which is stored on our servers. Even interiors such as restaurants, museums and offices require a written release of the owner (property release), which we have obtained in advance. Important: If you use free images and, for example, show logos on your website, the rights holder of the logo can sue you and claim damages. That is very expensive. At Smarterpix, you do not need to worry, it has been taken care of!